Star Trek Pattern Recognition

April 26, 2009

Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition



100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part I & II)

April 17, 2009

100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part I) | Tools

100 Free Useful Mac Applications (Part II) | Tools

Great list

Conficker Eye Chart

April 16, 2009

very Smart – quick way to see if you are infected with Confickr.

Conficker Eye Chart

Since confickr blocks access to some security websites, if you are infected you wont see all the vendor logos on this web page.

Hyper-V Security Guide

April 4, 2009

For those people that cant afford Vmware 🙂

How Google builds its datacenters

April 3, 2009

I wish these stories would’nt come out April 1st – Now I dont know whether to beleive this or not…

Very cool if true.

DIY iPhone Stand

April 2, 2009

Using a … paperclip.

Check it out.,guid,a99a1c06-b55b-4001-afeb-46a707055ecc.aspx

Managing your Digital Life

April 1, 2009

I dont know about you – but I find this one of the hardest things with personal computers. How do you handle all your digitial assets (files, backups, etc).

Theres a new podcast in town (which I am downloading as we speak) called Managing your Digital Life –

It’s brought to you by the same guys who do the Twip Photo podcast and are regulars on Macbreak weekly. In fact Leo Laporte is their first guest.

If you are have concerns about all this private data that we are storing on our computers and is it still going to be available in 50 years – then this is the podcast for you. If your not concerned then this is DEFINATELY the podcast for you because you should be concerned.