iPhone Part Six

Oops – in my last post I just realised that I forgot to update all and sundry what is the latest with my ongoing quest to buy a product that is almost a year old…

As you may remember I have previously tried 5 times to get an iPhone.

#1 – Through an Australian iphone website forum member
#2 – Through a mate of mine (was taking too long so I pulled out – he now has his …)
#3 – Through eBay (person did not accept payment!)
#4 – Through eBay (person stole my money $530! and never sent the phone)
#5 – Through website called priceusa – looks good but they couldnt get any more iPhones

So already $530 behind I thought I might as well go all in (Not that good a blackjack player) and decided for Try #6 – ebay is my only option unfortunately so I hunted all the various Auctions.

Gun shy after loosing $530 to ebay last time I passed on a lot of auctions that were probably legit – but I wasnt will to take the chance. Funny enough the ones that I was less concerned about seemed to sell for $50+ more than the suspect auctions. I think I’m not the only person concerned about eBay safety – something to remember when you are selling.

Anyway – I ended up winning an Auction for $560 plus $15 express shipping. A bit more than I wanted to pay but a good price comparatively and the seller has paypal protection for $3,000. This way if I get ripped off at least I should get my money back.

It’s express shipping so I should have it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Its firmware 1.1.2 so I need to work out how to upgrade to 1.1.4. Any suggestions are most welcome as I dont want to brick it after all this effort to spend over $1000 on a phone.


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