iphone update part 4

Well – I know its been a while but I’ve been hoping for a better outcome that what has happened.

I won an ebay iPhone auction from a chap in Melbourne – paid him the money $530) and he promised it would be sent registered and insured. He sent me a scanned copy of the Australia Post receipt (which shows it was sent standard post – not registered) and that was the last I heard.

No Iphone – Not able to get in contact with the sender – basically I have sent him $530 (through bank transfer) and got nothing back – in short I have been ripped off.

I’ve logged a dispute with paypal and will be lodging a formal police report when the 10 days dispute period is up – but I doubt I will ever see my money again.

Obviously I’m pissed off but I cant understand why they should be able to catch the guy. Cant they follow the money trail (I have the BSB/Account number where it was transfered) – cant they track the person through that ?

Anyway – I’ll probably try again for another iphone through http://www.priceusa.com.au which looks legit. I might pay via credit card this time just in case.

Of course this means my iphone will end up costing me over $1000 since I’ve been ripped off. And Apple will probably release a new one 1 week after I get it 🙂


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