My iPhone Status

Speaking of iPhones – I still a) dont have one and b) the one I bought on ebay hasnt left the US yet.

It’s a long a sad story but in short I wont an Auction – the seller required an verified paypal address which isn’t available to Australia Paypal customers. I sent them the money via paypal which they refused. I contacted Paypal and confirmed that the address is not needed for their seller protection since I’m in Oz. I have tried over the last four days to contact the seller and I cant get a hold of them.

Its very frustrating – I have the money and I won the Auction in good faith but I cant get a hold of the seller. The only time they have responded to me is when I originally sent money via PayPal which I’m not doing again until they talk to me.

Paypal have no process to fix this other for me to try to contact them via their contact info which is incorrect. Very Very annoying.


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