iPhone Update

Well plan A of getting my iPhone fell through. The chap on iphoneae.com wasn’t able to purchase them (damn US credit card needed).

So I started plan B today – hunting around ebay for a cheap one. I found a seller who looked trustworthy and I set myself a limit of $510 (plus $50 shipping).

Using esnipe.com I tried for several bids but was outbid on them. I was about to try another two when plan C rang on the phone.

A mate of mine (Love your work Chinny) has ‘contacts’ and get get someone in the US to purchase it for us (we send them the coin) and they will ship it over.

We hack it ourself (hackthatphone.com) and it should all be good.

So I’ve decided to go the 16GB iPhone with the money saved – hopefully will only take a week or two.

Cross fingers.


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