Gadget Update

Well – today I decided to buy an iPhone. Since I live in Australia its not just a simple matter of popping down to my local Apple store…

I met a chap on the forums who is getting some in the country. AU$500 for an 8GB one and another $10 to unlock it. Hopefully I havnt made a stupid mistake and never see that money again.

Anyway – to pay for this I have to sell my eeePC – its a sad thing but I havnt really been using it much since I have a laptop through work (which is getting upgraded). I’ve been mainly using it as an ebook reader.

I’ll also sell my Palm Treo 680 to pay for this – both are in good condition if anyone is interested 🙂

I’ve been looking at cases for my iPhone – I think I will get both of these:

That way it wont get scratched and it wont be bulky in my pocket when I’m walking around town.

Should have it in a couple of weeks (if no problems).


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