Filo Art “IRASC” – infra-red-anti-surveillance-camera

Filo Art “IRASC” – infra-red-anti-surveillance-camera

Not many people know – but you can see infrared lights with a video camera really well. I use it myself to check remote controls are working – just get your video camera and point it at the business end of a remote whilst pushing some buttons.

Well you can take this trick and ‘fool’ security cameras – built yourself a headband full of infrared LEDs – and then walk into areas with video cameras without getting ID’d.

Now – whilst this is’nt the most subtle – if you dont have a real live person watching the cameras (eg: a DVR system) then you its a new age version of wearing a balaclava – without the sweaty face afterwards.

Check out the cool ‘my head is replace by a white glow’ pics at the link.


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