Speaking of Jaycar – the reason I went in there was that my son wanted to buy a new clock.

I bought him one of those cool oscillating LED clocks a couple of years ago. They use persistance of vision to make the time appear floating in mid air.

We noticed Jaycar had a new one – a bit pricey at AU$70 but he was going to pay from his own money so we went to buy it.

Got home and powered it up – its a beautiful looking clock with one MAJOR flaw. It continually shows an add for the Australian distributor – ELECTUS DISTRIBUTION.

Now if it was a small minor ad it wouldnt matter so much – but the Damn add shows every couple of seconds and is displayed longer than the time is.

I rang ELECTUS and they said it was a mistake when they ordered the clocks – the manufactor burnt the message into the ROM and it cant be turned off. SO WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SELLING IT ????

Needless to say I returned it the same day – again borderline criminal IMHO this sort of crap they pull.

They clock was a nice looker though…



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