Its time to change

Well – I’ve been using for ages the Transmission bittorrent client on my mac – and I’ve loved it. Its simple – has enough power for me (priority – selectable files / etc) and the OSX integration was nice. I also always thought it did a good job downloading files. Until today.

I’ve got a couple of legal files downloading and wasn’t happy with the speed – so I decided to try Azureus again – well the graph below shows the difference.

speed bittorrent.png

The jaggy bandwidth on the left hand side of the graph. When I changed to Azureus – not only did I get more download speed (green) but there was no more gaps which means more data came down.

So I’m back to the original – I only wish it ran a bit faster on the mac (damn java!).

BTW – If you are interested – the router firmware I’m running is called Tomato – its another of those WRT alternatives. I used to use DD-WRT but I’m doing my usual chopping and changing. I might go back to DD-WRT when V24 gets released (RC5 was a bit too buggy for me plus Tomato has nice Open DNS integration). I’m using a WRT54GL if your interested.


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