How to Install Third-Party Apps on Your New iPhone or iPod Touch

December 28, 2007

Feature: How to Install Third-Party Apps on Your New iPhone or iPod Touch



December 28, 2007

Speaking of Jaycar – the reason I went in there was that my son wanted to buy a new clock.

I bought him one of those cool oscillating LED clocks a couple of years ago. They use persistance of vision to make the time appear floating in mid air.

We noticed Jaycar had a new one – a bit pricey at AU$70 but he was going to pay from his own money so we went to buy it.

Got home and powered it up – its a beautiful looking clock with one MAJOR flaw. It continually shows an add for the Australian distributor – ELECTUS DISTRIBUTION.

Now if it was a small minor ad it wouldnt matter so much – but the Damn add shows every couple of seconds and is displayed longer than the time is.

I rang ELECTUS and they said it was a mistake when they ordered the clocks – the manufactor burnt the message into the ROM and it cant be turned off. SO WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SELLING IT ????

Needless to say I returned it the same day – again borderline criminal IMHO this sort of crap they pull.

They clock was a nice looker though…


Mains Power Meter

December 28, 2007

Just picked up on of these from Jaycar the other day…


I’ve always wanted one – it lets you see how much power different electrical devices are using in your house.

The biggest shock was the digital set top boxes. All 3 that I have use the same amount of power on and when on ‘standby’ – around 60 watts.

It’s borderline criminal IMHO when companies make devices that do this sort of crap.

You can find out more about this device here.

Hollywood meets pen testing – again

December 27, 2007

OMG – how overhyped is this….

Macworld | Mac OS X Hints | Add more power to 10.5’s screen sharing

December 21, 2007

Macworld | Mac OS X Hints | Add more power to 10.5’s screen sharing

Cool tip to add more power to Leopard screen sharing

ReadyNAS :: View topic – *NEW* RAIDiator 4.00c1-p2 available

December 20, 2007

ReadyNAS :: View topic – *NEW* RAIDiator 4.00c1-p2 available

Well – its seems as if there was some problems with p1 of the V4 Infrant NAS release. This is the updated version.

I just update mine and all is well. Hopefully I will get some time over the Christmas break to play with VMware ESX using the Infrant as an NFS store for the VMDK images…

Live traffic cams

December 15, 2007

Live traffic cams | The Courier-Mail |

Found this cool link yesterday showing all the traffic camera in Brisvegas.