Will it blend – Guitar Hero III

November 26, 2007

Sorry about the break

November 25, 2007

I was hiding sans Internet for the last 3-4 days at my Companies weekend away. Not fascinating I know but it was a nice break away from it all.

Feel free to hate me for the nice pics 🙂






ReadyNAS :: View topic – *NEW* RAIDiator 4.00c1-p1 available

November 25, 2007

ReadyNAS :: View topic – *NEW* RAIDiator 4.00c1-p1 available

I know something that will only interest a very small number of you.

The next major update for my Infrant NAS (ReadyNAS NV+) was released a week ago and I was feeling game enough to do this tonight (after making sure my backups were good).

So far so good – still in the post firmware upgrade reboot (will take another hour to two). I cant wait to start using NFS over TCP to my test VMware ESX server.

YouTube – Don’t Give Up on Vista Ad

November 21, 2007

Call me an Apple FanBoy as much as you want – but you have to admit they have got some serious advertising mojo…

Check the video below for some new inline web advertising


New Version of TivoTool

November 20, 2007

Full of Leopard Support and goodness.

Just downloading it now.

Here is the new version of TivoTool with Leopard compatibility. The app is a bit lighter because Camelbones, wxPerl and wxWidgets are no longer bundled. Camelbones has been removed as an app wrapper, and the wx libraries are now up-to-date on Leopard and dont require a newer bundled version. A couple people have mentioned that I should ask for donations, so here goes. Please use the Paypal link on the right and send whatever you feel appropriate. It is really appreciated here and can really help free up time to work on this more. Thanks for giving 🙂



Cool Stuff: Star Trek Home Theater

November 19, 2007

Cool Stuff: Star Trek Home Theater | /Film

So so geeky – and yet so so cool….

Google offers API for Outlook migration to Gmail

November 18, 2007

Google offers API for Outlook migration to Gmail | InfoWorld | News | 2007-11-16 | By Ephraim Schwartz