I’m back

Well – my blog suffered the fate of many – no update for ages.

The poor pathetic excuse – well being a geek gadget guy I HAVE to blame it on technology of course…. I was using the blogger extension for firefox to make updating this blog easy – but I got pissed off with firefox not being very stable on the mac so I got rid of it – and so went my blog client.

But I’m back – using ecto for the moment which seems pretty good – I honestly can’t remember why I stopped using it – probably the money they want – I’m such a cheapskate 🙂

On the weight loss front – things have been going well – in basically 3 weeks I lost 4 kilos – but I had my birthday recently and put on a kilo in a day (it was a bit of a pigout). Anyway I’m being good again and the kilos are shedding.

Gadget wise – I now have a Palm Zire 72 which is quite funky. I really did miss the palm platform and I can run my favorite app for weight loss – the free EatWatch tool (http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/palm). It really helps you get past the whole my weight is down today, up tomorrow worries.

I’ve got the latest ilife 05 and iwork 05 for the mac – they are very cool apps. Most of the bugbears I had with iphoto are gone though I really really really wish I could import the mpeg2 files from my tivo straight into iDVD. Maybe next release…

The only other thing I can think of is that I am seriously thinking of getting a mac mini and ipod shuffle for each of my kids. I should have some cash coming up to pay for it.

Thats all for now !


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