Time to shed some kilos

Well today is the first day of the end of my life – or what most people call the first day of my diet. I don’t call it a diet because a diet is a temporary thing – and in reality you should be permanently changing your habits – not just for a short time.

About 18 months ago I was about 14kg overweight and I read this fantastic book called the hackers diet (http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet). A bit but it really worked – I lost 12 of the 14 kg I wanted (took about 6 months) by following his very simple exercise plan and simply counting what I ate.

I used his eatwatch tool for the palm and I bought a calorie tracking tool for the palm as well. All was going well – and then I slid …

The palm got sold so I had no tool to track my weight and the food counting was a pain in the ar%e for me (see previous posts about me being lazy) so that slid as well.

Fast forward to now and I have put on 10 kg since I lost it all.

So today I dusted off the exercise chart and counted what I ate for breakfast.

Lets see I can keep the motivation up.


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