Time to shed some kilos

December 23, 2004

Well today is the first day of the end of my life – or what most people call the first day of my diet. I don’t call it a diet because a diet is a temporary thing – and in reality you should be permanently changing your habits – not just for a short time.

About 18 months ago I was about 14kg overweight and I read this fantastic book called the hackers diet (http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet). A bit but it really worked – I lost 12 of the 14 kg I wanted (took about 6 months) by following his very simple exercise plan and simply counting what I ate.

I used his eatwatch tool for the palm and I bought a calorie tracking tool for the palm as well. All was going well – and then I slid …

The palm got sold so I had no tool to track my weight and the food counting was a pain in the ar%e for me (see previous posts about me being lazy) so that slid as well.

Fast forward to now and I have put on 10 kg since I lost it all.

So today I dusted off the exercise chart and counted what I ate for breakfast.

Lets see I can keep the motivation up.


OSXplanet 0.8

December 22, 2004

OSXplanet 0.8 – VersionTracker:: “OSXplanet is a front-end to the popular program xplanet made in Cocoa and Objective-C. It is in its beta version. It replaces your desktop with a picture of earth showing where it is night and day. It also downloads the latest cloud maps and overlays it with the earth map.”

This was just way too cool not to share – I downloaded it and tried it out tonight and its pretty sweet. If you have a mac – give it a go.

Blogging tool search goes on – and on …

December 22, 2004

Well – week number 3 (I think) and another tool – this time an extension to firefox called Blog This!

See – basically I’m a lazy person – and blogging being a manual process means that it has to be dead simple for me – or else it wont be done. Just like my backups – I would really like it to be totally automatic – but until we get AI that aint happening soon 🙂

BTW- for those people who are in brisbane – have you noticed how much more people are getting in the Christmas spirit this year with lights at home ? Personally we have gone from a VERY plain single flashing light set to (for me) a Las Vegas style display with powerboards, timers, wires, clips and about 8 sets of flashing lights (200+ bulbs per set). And we are already talking about what we will get for next year !

And it not just us – driving around our suburb tonight (Forest Lake) I’m amazed by how many people are getting in the spirit. It almost makes you think the people who dont are lazy (they probably are too lazy to blog as well 🙂

Work wise things have been very busy lately – I really expected things to be quiet this week – but no rest for the wicked. Now I just wish all this hard work paid off with some more business closing – but time will tell.

Till next time.

More Mac blogging

December 12, 2004

Well I have found another mac blogging client – this one is called MarsEdit (http://ranchero.com/) from the same people that do netnewswire.

I know netnewswire can do blogs – trouble is I don’t have a licensed version. Call me a cheapskate but I prefer going with freeware apps if they do the job well enough.

There is usually enough choice out there to allow you to use a freeware app – and with apps that are small / simple – I really don’t agree with some of the prices that are charged – particularly when you have to convert from AUS to US dollars (or even worse – euros!)

*** UPDATE ***

Well I used MarsEdit to upload this blog – first bad sign was some JavaNull error (not good but the programs didnt crash and more importantly the post went up).

But for the life of me I cant see how you can add a subject lines to your post ….

More investigation needed – maybe I need to let the moths out of my wallet and buy netnews wire