First Post

Well – I’ve never been able to get first post on Slashdot – but somehow I don’t think it counts on your own blog …

Well – for years I have avoided getting a blog – worried about if I accidently tell the word something that I was meant to keep quiet in my job. But I thought stuff it – its time to tell the world who I am.

Well – I’m a Security Consultant living in Brisbane, Australia. I tend to have all the latest gadgets and one of those crazy people who has way too many RSS feeds to read every day.

What will this blog be about – I honestly don’t know. It will definately have a techo focus but expect topics about gadgets, PDAs, Macs, Security, IT industry and any other cool things I see on 🙂

I’ll see how good I am at regular posting and not forgetting about this blog. Also expect cool links every now and again to sites that I regulary read and recommend for other geeks like me.

Till next time – PCH

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  1. Anonymous says:

    first post

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